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Cause we can

Die Gilde ´Cause we can` Kult der Verdammten

#cause, gilde, ´cause, can`, kult, verdammten


'cause your life will never be the same.

changes, 'cause, your, life, will, never, same

cause we can

eu - kult der verdammten

#cause, kult, verdammten

†Black Fighter†

*~_†_~* !Cause we know, how to rock! *~_†_~*

†black, fighter†, know, rock!, *~_†_~*

Yume no kuni

'Cause our hearts are broken and our dreams are dead. We don't know what to do so we came here to safe our souls.

yume, kuni, 'cause, hearts, broken, dreams, dead, don't, know, what, came, here, safe, souls, anime, manga, rollenspiel, traumwelt, aktiv

Nothing is like it seems...

However if you think the world is how it is, then you have closed your eyes from the truth. Cause the world where you once live in, is fallen into eternal ruin and nothing is like it seems.

nothing, like, seems, however, think, world, then, have, closed, your, eyes, from, truth, #cause, where, once, live, fallen, into

It's Changing

... 'cause it all begins with a choice ...

it's, changing, 'cause, begins, with, choice

Janus's Mansion

♫ Janus's Mansion is the best for this place is our nest. Come to Janus's Mansion 'cause here we can rest ♫

dark, manga, anime, alice, wonderland, janus's, mansion, wunderland, märchen

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